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Valentine’s Day Doesn’t Mean A Red Dress

Happy V-Day!

Today is all about the reds and pinks, but that doesn’t mean that everything has to be that color. You can be subtle with your V-day outfit and still feel flirty while your out celebrating.


For my outfit I decide on wearing a hint of pale pink, which you can find in my  chevron pattern crop top. I then paired it with a high-waisted black fitted pant and a black blazer jacket. My booties that I chose to wear are a pale pink color to match my top and since it is encrusted with rhinestones I thought it was best to keep my jewelry simple with just a few bracelets.


This sophisticated outfit is fun, flirty, and perfect for Valentine’s Day. I hope everybody is having a beautiful V-day with their significant others or friends.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Warmth In The Winter

warmth in the winter

 The weather has been interesting as of lately. Today was a cool 60 degrees outside, but just a few days ago is was a nice 70 degrees.

warmth in the winter

warmth in the winter

With it being so warm out a couple of days ago I decided to wear this fabulous dress by Speechless.

warmth in the winter

warmth in the winter

I love (almost) anything that has exposed zippers on it and if it’s paired with lace then I’m done for.

warmth in the winterwarmth in the winterwarmth in the winter

Plus the blue looks fabulous with my gold accessories and lovely Michael Kors shoes.

warmth in the winter

warmth in the winter

Now its back to wearing sweaters for the next week or so.


Similar Dress – Material Girl

Similar Necklace – Charlotte Russe or Forever 21

Bracelet – Macys

Sunglasses – Trunk 13 Boutique

Shoes – Michael Kors spring/summer 2014 collection



Yesterday my friends walked down the aisle to receive their degree as the graduating class of 2014. Knowing that they were graduating had me quickly reminiscing on my graduation back in November. I remember being so scared and excited about crossing that stage that I had spent weeks before trying to figure out what I wanted to wear to help embrace that new step in life. I wanted something that reflected me; edgy but sweet, hard but soft, something that could sum up my whole experience in college and show the possibilities. The words that I like to use to explain my outfit would be deliciously fierce and that is how I like to think about my future as well.

After searching out the right dress, the right shoes, and the right accessories I think that I fully embraced my future within my look.

IMG_4754 IMG_0054

Congratulations to the Class of 2014! Your future is a bright one so be ready to welcome all the possibilities life may throw your way and remember to always be deliciously fierce.



Dress – GUESS

Shoes – Betsey Johnson

Accessories – Body Central

Leopard Jumpsuit


For a couple of years now I have wanted to own a jumpsuit, but every time I would go searching for one I was to intimidate to buy one. Trying to figure out what cut, style, and pattern would look the best on me was a daunting task to handle and I would always leave the store empty-handed. However, after years of standing in front of the window looking in at the jumpsuits with a spark of envy, I am now a proud owner of one. And get this, I wasn’t even actively looking for one.

I love this jumpsuit because the wide leg gives the outfit a nice flowy and fun look while giving me a slimmer and taller appearance. The gold neck piece makes it so that you don’t have to put a lot of effort into accessorizing. This is a great choice for a night out with the girls and it’s not to expensive to own.


Jumpsuit- MSK

Purse-Michael Kors

Heels- Maripe