Betsey Johnson


Yesterday my friends walked down the aisle to receive their degree as the graduating class of 2014. Knowing that they were graduating had me quickly reminiscing on my graduation back in November. I remember being so scared and excited about crossing that stage that I had spent weeks before trying to figure out what I wanted to wear to help embrace that new step in life. I wanted something that reflected me; edgy but sweet, hard but soft, something that could sum up my whole experience in college and show the possibilities. The words that I like to use to explain my outfit would be deliciously fierce and that is how I like to think about my future as well.

After searching out the right dress, the right shoes, and the right accessories I think that I fully embraced my future within my look.

IMG_4754 IMG_0054

Congratulations to the Class of 2014! Your future is a bright one so be ready to welcome all the possibilities life may throw your way and remember to always be deliciously fierce.



Dress – GUESS

Shoes – Betsey Johnson

Accessories – Body Central