Savannah Fashion Week 2014

Hello everyone! Since this is my first post on To The 9, I have thought long and hard about what my first post would talk about, that is when I fond out about Savannah Fashion Week 2014. I have never been to a fashion show before, except for once when I modeled in a show when I was 8 years old, but let me say that I was blown away by the striking clothing. If anybody has ever been to Savannah, GA then you know that Savannah prides themselves in their downtown businesses that are locally owned, but it still surprised me to see so many Savannah designers that make their clothing by hand. Designers like April Johnston, Mamie Ruth, and Brooke Atwood to name a few.

I also discovered unique boutiques that carries all the latest patterns, colors, accessories, and the beloved summer dresses. Boutiques favorites such as Zia, Trunk 13, and Red Clover makes it fun to hunt for your go to dress for those ultra warm evenings. Check out some of their designs below.

DSC00119DSC00127DSC00159DSC00189 DSC00190 DSC00197 DSC00219 DSC00230 DSC00252 DSC00244


What made this years fashion show even more spectacular was that  president Heather Burge decided to have the show in the historic Forsyth Park. For the past five years the Savannah Fashion Show has been held in the Lucas Theater and even though I have never attended the past fashion shows there was definitely something whimsical about sitting in Forsyth Park surrounded by Majestic Live Oak Trees dripping with Spanish moss.

For this being my first fashion week I’ve ever gone to, I absolutely fell in love with the designs and I loved seeing the talented Savannah residents. My only wished is that I had found out about fashion week a couple of years ago.

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